'%AppData%' returned empty string, error message ""

am just installing Lutris from scratch/vanilla…
before Lutris I ran the 2 things:
!drivers !winedeps

to make sure I have pre-requisites.
now… everytime I try to setup Epic/Ubisoft/EA I get the same error:

easy fix - in terminal:
cd /mnt/EC75-FC7B
sudo chown -R yourusername:yourusername Games
sudo chmod -R 777 Games

where yourusername is the user you login with

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Ah thanks.
Since am using /etc/fstab mounting an exFAT external drive.

UUID=EC75-FC7B /mnt/EC75-FC7B exfat rw,user,exec,uid=1000,gid=1000,umask=000,noatime,errors=remount-ro 0 0

hopefully should do the trick…

don’t use exfat or ntfs for your wine prefix - ext4 only

Ah, no wonder I been having problems trying to install wine prefix on exfat:

Okay, fair enough.

Good thing I know about exfat vs ext4… would’ve save me so much hassle & time if I didn’t know about this.