Apparently DXVK update issue

Playing FFXIV this morning and quit the game briefly to change character, and upon trying to start it again bam fatal DX issue. No amount of changing settings for the game would allow me to start it up and I had not changed anything.

Eventually I found that Lutris appears to have updated DXVK - it reads as “v2.1 (default)” for me. Perhaps the update was started when I opened the game (which used Lutris to launch) but didn’t take effect until I’d exited and started it up again.

Reverting the DXVK version to v1.10.3 made everything work again.

Whatever the breaking change was, the fact it was silent and I had no simple way to find the fault was incredibly frustrating and I have no idea what the breaking change was, but that was the only variable involved and it immediately corrected the problem.

Whatever changes were made in DXVK broke something, and perhaps automatic updates of this nature should you know, notify me with a message or something so if things happen to break at the same time at least then I’m not spending two hours checking every game file wondering how I broke it when it wasn’t me.

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I had the same issue issue with several other games (Star Wars: The Old Republic, Everquest II, Civilization IV).

For some games you may also need to revert VK3D to the previous version

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Yeah, I really don’t think it’s a good idea for Lutris to be automatically switching out those defaults.

It’s pretty safe for the games (they don’t remove functionality), it’s the wine runners that may be too old for them. Switching them out from under foot (and not the wine runners, which would be worse if they did lol) can cause breakage.

When I first started using Lutris I didn’t even understand this. Suddenly games stopped working correctly. I didn’t have “Advanced” view enabled in options either, so wasn’t even aware of these drop lists. I struggled with this problem for weeks, and ended up using an older wine and wined3d (directx 9 games, the original 3 Mass Effect titles) until I discovered that Lutris changed my DXVK to a version I didn’t even have! The runtime was never downloaded.

Know what I do now? Before I launch every game on Lutris I go and check Runner Options to make sure everything is correct, the way I set it. Once bitten, twice shy lol

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It’s worth noting that my install of the game was from November, before DXVK 2.0 release even. Meaning that when I installed it and configured it was on a v1.x version and it automatically performed a major version change without notice at some point.

Typically major version changes are considered major because they’re liable to break compatibility in some manner.

And it turns out that’s exactly what happened here. Looking at the DXVK driver support page: Driver support · doitsujin/dxvk Wiki · GitHub

I am on an LTS Ubuntu derivative (KDE Neon) and my nvidia driver version is not new enough for v2.0 at all. So it automatically updated to a new major release DXVK version that is incompatible with my driver.

Version updates should be notified in general but major version increments shouldn’t be done without user intervention at all and that’s clearly what has occurred here.

I cannot even run DXVK 2.0 and it was running fine all this time, so it did a version update from 1.10.x to 2.1 and that’s absolutely wild. Please change this behaviour this is well outside reasonably expected behaviour for any application. Major version increments cannot be done silently. Ever.

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