Anybody got Dauntless working?

So, the game used to be playable on Closed Beta, but now with Open Beta it seems that they released an update that forces the game to be opened from the Patcher, which doesn’t seem to play well with WINE (dotnet requirements).

If anybody finds a workaround, please let us know!

More info:

Someone on winehq appdb got it working. Ill make an install script for it

EDIT: or i would…but when i try to add the game it says its in the DB but when i search for it its not there

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Thanks! I don’t know how you found it though lol

I’ll make a installer script for it soon.

Edit: oh he’s a mod, that’s how xP

If you don’t find a game by searching normally add the “show unpublished” filter.

Yeah I tried that, even went through pages looking for it and tried to use different filters to find it. I don’t want to derail the thread too much so I’ll just leave it at it not showing up easily. Had a similar problem with no man’s sky and if I typed in the full game title nothing came up.

go ahead and check out the Dauntless page. I have an installer script finally done so you/others can play some dauntless. Thanks to TK-Glitch the guy who made the original wineHQ guide

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getting this error:

TypeError(“wineexec() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘silent’”)

They might not have approved the final draft I submitted yet, that’s from like 30 versions ago lol

Edit: yeah sorry, give it some time for a mod to approve it and it’ll be updated. You can also click
“Edit installer” and scroll down to click “test this installer” to use the latest one for now but it shouldn’t be too long too it’s updated

Ok, the installer should now be up to date and working.

Follow the installer directions exactly and don’t just click through. They’re there for a reason as things have to be installed in a specific order to work and it’ll ask for user input twice to confirm a section of the installer has finished.

The game now uses Epic Game Store. Using the EGS install script to install Epic Game Launcher and then installing the game through the launcher works.

To get the game to run, I had to rename the video folder inside the game directory. After that, it was running fine with some stutter, which may be the shaders building (or not, not sure). Also, the shadows in the distance are blocky at the highest and high settings, didn’t try the lower settings.

My system is Ubuntu 19.04, Ryzen 1600, RX 480 4GB, Padoka Unstable PPA, with wine through Lutris ge-protonified-4.9, DXVK and esync enabled through the options provided by Lutris.

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Renaming “Movies” to something else worked to get the game to the “Play” screen. After I click that it starts the tutorial with a blank white screen. There any fix to get around that?

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Work for me, thank you

In Open Beta, the character creation did not work on Linux. You had to use Windows or Windows on a VM to create the character and then play on Linux. Don’t know if that’s still the case now its on Epic Store, didn’t try myself.

For anyone using AMD gpus, adding mesa_glthread environment variable in system options and setting its value to true makes most of the stuttering go away, and makes a day and night difference to me.

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Thank you! You saved me! But I can tell that you need to run Dauntless with both DXVK and D9VK enabled to make the game run as good as it can. Maybe others will have a different experience than me.

Yeah, I looked around and that is still a thing. Maybe they will let people skip the intro tutorial eventually.