Any ways to install Batman arkham knight through the epic store

So I have switched to Linux and most of my games work except arkham night in the epic store instead of steam which the Lutris for arkham night is made for so i was wondering if there is any way i can install the game through epic instead of steam?

What issue are you facing?
For all three Batman games that came free as a bundle:

  1. I’ve installed the Epic Games store in a bottle
  2. Ran the store from that bottle and downloaded/installed the three games
  3. Created a separate bottle to make Akham Asylum happy (older version of dotNET and DirectX IIRC)

When it comes to Batman Arkham Knight, I have only checked that it was running, and it was. I don’t remember which bottle I’m using for it though.

If you can be more specific about your problem, then I’ll be able to better help (and check the details on my end as well).