Any way to override the wine version set in an installer script (and use the system wine install), before Lutris downloads it?

Some games will work fine with the system wine install, and Lutris downloads the one set in the installer script, which takes a lot of time. Is there a way to skip downloading specific wine versions?

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If you download the installer yourself you can probably remove it from the file. but that’s about it, Lutris doesn’t have much customization in installers

That’s a pretty good point. Apparently, installers are tied to specific wine versions because those version have been tested to work with such games. When you’re downloading, you’re always downloading a tested working version of the game (that worked under some software and hardware setup).

Afterwards, you can pick the version yourself and make a new test if such game runs in a newer Wine. Apparently, it’s quite rare, but newer versions may break older running applications.