Any tips on getting Warfarme to run better?

In Windows, I got 144 fps constant and maybe without Vsync, it would be higher. In Lutris I get 70 to 144 depending on the scene. Has anyone done some testing on this game apart from the default installer options to make it run better?

Please share if true, TY

Which version of wine or proton are you using?
Have you tried using the latest glorious eggrol version?

Glorious Eggroll told me specifically NOT to use the Lutris version, but to use the Steam version with Proton.

It’s a free game, so it shouldn’t matter, just go to Steam and install it there, and use the latest GE Proton build. It also has fixes for Warframe that you will NOT benefit from if you are using Lutris/not Steam, as Proton can only be used within Steam (yes, you can use the WINE BUILD bundled with Proton outside of Steam, but the full Proton goodness requires Steam because it operates based on the AppID of the game, which is only available when using Steam).

Aside from that, there’s nothing else you can do, really.

I forgot that warframe had a standalone launcher, because I always use it from steam on windows.
(that explains why GE doesn’t recommend lutris, because it uses the standalone one. I was confused when you mentioned that).

I played last night using the Steam version with the latest release 5.8-GE-2-MF
And I got a solid 144fps at 1440p on maxed out settings
Ryzen 3700x with a gtx 1080 on Manjaro KDE

OK, TY. I guess I have to download the game again. Little detail, Steam has the same launcher as standalone. I even converted from Stem version because Steam would delete my backup when I try to install over, because I didn’t save the download manifest.

Latest GE stable works great, not as good as Windows but difference is barely noticeable. Steam version works better.