Any news on GE being updated?

I use GE protonified and glorious eggroll has been updated to 4.15 but Lutris is still in 4.10. I see new versions of Lutris wine but don’t have any info on what they offer
ge-protonified is deprecated and has been integrated into the standard lutris builds along with tkg
If this is wrong someone please correct the wiki.

Includes a lot of patches and improvements from Proton, including fshack, esync, faudio, clock monotonic patchset, rawinput patchset, fsync and other patches that were present in tkg and ge-protonified builds.

You can also google “wine release notes 4.16” and that will at least give you the latest wine fixes incorporated into the lutris wine version.

I use 1080p resolution, should I use the nofshack build?