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Anthem graphical issues


Hi, I am trying to run Anthem on Linux. I used the Lutris install script for now.
2 problems:

  1. Sometimes the game just quits without an error message during loading screens (esync off and wine 3.21 / 4.3 seems to be the trick here).
  2. Every time I can play, something is wrong with the textures or shadows in some open world areas that aren’t directly illuminate. They appear almost black. Changing in-game graphical settings has no effect on it.
    (For reference I also played on Windows 7 and I had non of these problems so I assume it is not a hardware thing.)

I wonder if some experienced similar issues in other games and maybe can give me some tips or narrow down the error reason(s). Maybe a known wine / dxvk bug or an unsupported graphics feature?