Annoying info in upper left in wow

I installed the client using Lutris and connected it to an existing wow install. pba-firerat-3.11-x86_64, dxvk My problem is that there is a very annoying info area in the upper left over the character image which gives the video driver, fps and other info. This is not present at all in my default wine and wow install. I don’t need this, don’t want it, and seem to have no way of disabling it. WoW is working, but at this point I really want that info area to go away.

How do I do this?

Right-click WoW in Lutris > Configure > System options > Show advanced options > Scroll down to DXVK_HUD and change 1 to 0 or delete it.

Thank you thank you thank you, Well, you get the idea.