Anno 2070 Uplay edition black window

Hello guys,

I’ve been busy these days discovering the great features of Lutris.
I also managed to install Uplay and I installed Anno 2070 as one of my games.

Unfortunately, the only thing I’m seeing is that it’s installing DIrectX and afterwards the game starts and I can even hear the good ol’ Anno soundtrack, but there’s just the Anno cursor in front of a black screen.

I already tried to disable D3D11 as this seems to be the solution for the steam variant, but I didn’t manage to do that (probably I was just to stupid).

It’d be nice if someone could help me!
Thanks in Advice!


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I have the exact same problem with the following system:
OS: Ubuntu 18.10
Kernel: 4.18.0-15-generic
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
GPU driver: NVIDIA 415.27
Wine version: tkg-protonified-4.1-x86_64

Setting PROTON_NO_D3D11=1 either in Lutris (System Options for UPlay) or in UPlay itself (Game Launch Arguments of Anno 2070) didn’t help. I also tried to play with Anno’s engine.ini without success.

Any suggestions? I’d be grateful for any help!

It starts just fine with Wine 4.3-x86_64 :slight_smile:

Now I’m stuck in the update loop because of the add-on… :angry:

Yep, same problem here, but I managed to fix it: needed a Windows installation and followed these instructions:

Afterwards I could boot GNU/Linux again and it works!

There are just a few files that have to be changed, I uploaded my game folder and uploaded it, so you can download it and it in the installation directory and it should work for you too!

It can be found here:

Screenshot for proof (yes, it’s not a proof, but it was made on Linux :wink:):

thanks, this was helpful! i managed to start it in german language. the addon files in english are missing unfortunately. i do not have a windows installation at hand. could you with your magic tricks easily provide the needed files? they would be addon_eng0.rda & addon_eng1.rda.
thanks so much for your efforts!

Oh boy, that would be really stressful.
But why don’t you create a virtual machine with Windows and download everything there? :wink:

yes, will do. just thought maybe it’s easy for you. no worries, thank you alot!

Thanks a lot for sharing, @German_Goergs! I have downloaded your game files for future use. :sunglasses: