Anno 1602 launch issue (SetDisplayMode 256 colors)

Hi, I tried playing my Anno 1602 version via Ubisoft Connect on my Steam Deck. Installation was successful but when I launch the game, it crashes and I get a message like:

DirectDraw initialisation failed! SetDisplayMode failed! Please check if your Windows display is set on 256 colors!

Any tips what I can do? Should I use another Wine-version or what setting is missing? Is it possible to launch the game? Thanks!

Finally I managed to get Anno 1602 to run on my Steam Deck. You should try to run in window mode (800x600) and activating “dgvoodoo2” wrapper in the lutris config. Now the game works flawlessly!

I should add that savegames are not working out of the box. But this is a known issue with the game. You have to add a folder in the game files (see this Ubisoft help article).

The missing folder is:
C:\Program Files x86\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\games\Anno 1602\Eng\Savegame
Just add it and savegames are working!