Animal Crossing: New Leaf | Select the game's ROM file

Basic Information

Game: Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Operating System: Debian Buster (fresh install of Lutris)

Screen Shot:

Support Question: I was just curious what the game’s ROM is and how to get it.
Do I need to somehow read the game and upload it? Or is it some form of dependency?

The game you’re trying to play is a console game; most consoles have/had their games distributed on cartridges and the game data is read directly from cartridge during the play (as opposed to installing the game on an HDD first). An emulator, as it’s a software imitation of a console, also has the same requirement – to play the game you need to provide a cartridge image referred to as a ROM (much like ISO is a CD/DVD disk image). Obviously, you have to either copy it from a cartridge you own (though I’ve never seen neither the software nor the hardware used for such a task), or download it from some digital distribution website. Lutris install scripts, naturally, won’t automatically download a ROM for a game that’s neither freeware nor abandonware.