Anarchy Online "Initial process has exited" at the end of install

I have been having an issue installing a very old MMO Anarchy Online from the Lutris hosted scripts for around a year now, at the very end of the install where it asks if you would like to launch the game, the script (and “lutris -d” ouput log) output changes to “Initial process has exited (return code: 512)” with nothing else in the terminal or script window output between it and the previous “fsync: up and running.” message that sits there for the bulk of the install.

The game launcher actually launches though, even though the script throws that error when you click to launch it, and you can update and run it fine! But you can’t do anything else with the Lutris installer except hit cache or cancel which will remove the install. I could copy the install folder first and manually add it as a custom game if I wanted, but I’m hoping someone might know whats going on with the scripts.

It will throw that error at the end of any of the install options (non steam ones)

Thank you!

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