An install script for Resident Evil 2 (1998)

You require the SourceNext release.

Patch 1.1.0

And 1.09 release of Classic REbirth for RE2

Video of the steps I took to manually install this version.

The current installer script is not for this version and includes outdated and unusful programs such as DGVooDoo 2, either way the installer will error no matter what using it with the latest Lutris release.

The reason to use the SourceNext edition of RE2 is simply because it was the last release of it with Windows XP support and it has superior coding to any other version, it’s also compatible with mods.

REBirth brings you the ability to play in native resolution, with a controller of your choice, remove wobbly textures (An issue from the PS1 derived source) And disable all censorship, it is the ultimate way to experience the classic Resident Evil 2 game.