An error occurred while updating (app configuration unavailable)

I’m completely confused. Lutris is installed. Steam is installed. Wine is installed. Lutris account is created; Steam account profile is public. Lutris can see Steam library. Trying to install a game from Steam through Lutris seemingly works (albeit insanely quickly) but when launching the game from Lutris I get the above error. I am able to install and run the game from within Steam but somehow not from Lutris. Which I thought was a large point of the attraction to Lutris, that could manage all your games through one common interface. Did I misunderstand?

I’m very confused at the moment and nothing seems to be working to change things.

It should be working.

Please provide the logs as indicated here:

Thank you for your reply. I have attempted to provide the requested information as follows:


Output of lutris -d:

log for Horizon Chase Turbo:


Optional screenshot:

I had a really difficult time locating the “right sidebar” but I hope I have provided the information requested.

PS: Sorry about obfuscating the links but as that last screenshot shows, new users cannot actually post that many links. Why do you ask for more than two links worth of information when the forums is not setup to allow posting it?

So, the AppId in the installer script appears to be wrong.
Please right click on the Horizon Chase Turbo banner and click configure.

Then in the tab Game Options

Put the correct AppId, which should be: 389140

Save exit the configuration and you should be now be able to launch the game properly.

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That did indeed seem to fix the situation. Thanks!

How can I correct this issue from occurring again with other games? Or do I need to sit there and compare game ids for each game each time I install one?

This should not happen often, at least in my library does not happen at all.
Strangely this game has an installer set up in the page with the incorrect id.

I have suggested a change in the page for your game and that should solve the issue permanently.

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Thank you. I’m glad to see this looks like a fluke of bad luck to be the first game I installed. I’ll go on from here and hopefully have no further issues.

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