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Amazon Games Launcher crashing shortly after launch

Hi! I’ve tried to install the Amazon Games Launcher through Lutris, but the installer hangs at 99% and never finishes. After that, I’ve created a new wine prefix, installed all dependencies listed in the installer (Amazon Games App - Lutris), added the registry key and json file mentioned there and then launched it. With DXVK enabled, I only get a black screen, but without it, I see the login prompt (looks fine). However, the process exits every time after a few seconds. In the logs I see this error:

0258:fixme:ntdll:EtwEventSetInformation (deadbeef, 2, 02D5C900, 51) stub
02a8:fixme:advapi:RegisterEventSourceW ((null),L".NET Runtime"): stub
02a8:fixme:advapi:ReportEventW (CAFE4242,0x0001,0x0000,0x000003ff,00000000,0x0001,0x00000000,006AFE2C,00000000): stub
02a8:err:eventlog:ReportEventW L"Description: A .NET Core application failed.\nApplication: CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe\nPath: C:\\users\\remrot\\AppData\\Local\\Amazon Games\\App\\Amazon Games Services\\CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe\nMessage: Cannot use file stream for [C:\\users\\remrot\\AppData\\Local\\Amazon Game"...
02a8:fixme:advapi:DeregisterEventSource (CAFE4242) stub
02a8:fixme:kernelbase:AppPolicyGetProcessTerminationMethod FFFFFFFA, 006AFEB0
00fc:fixme:kernelbase:AppPolicyGetProcessTerminationMethod FFFFFFFA, 0076FEAC
Monitored process exited.
Initial process has exited (return code: 0)
All monitored processes have exited.
Exit with returncode 0

Can anybody help me getting this to work?

OS: Ubuntu 20.04
GPU: NVidia GTX970 (with 470.xx drivers)
Runners: lutris-6.14 / lutris-ge-6.14-2 / lutris-fshack-6.14 / lutris-fshack-6.13 (makes no difference)

I installed, but the app closes as soon as it begins. Generally it lasts 30 seconds. Does someone has a workaround?