Am I installing and running games the easiest way?

Can anyone tell me whether I’m installing Windows games and running them the recommended/best/easiest way?

  1. Download the Windows game’s installation folder onto (Linux) computer.
  2. Open Lutris
  3. Click the (Add Game) (Plus + symbol), found on the upper-left corner
  4. Enter a name for the game (e.g. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory)
  5. In the second question (about a “Runner”), click the dropdown list and choose Wine/Windows
  6. Go to the second tab (“Game Options”).
  7. In the first question/blank, click “Browse” and find the setup.exe/install.exe for the Windows game. (Might be in /home/downloads/chaostheory/)
  8. On the lower-left corner of this “Add Game” dialog, click Save button.
  9. You are taken back to the main Lutris window. Double-click the new Windows game (or single-click on the row and then click on Play at the bottom).
  10. The game’s setup window appears (in Windows appearance). Click Proceed/Yes/Submit to all the installer’s prompts. (I sometimes deselect the “Create a shortcut on desktop”, since we Linux users don’t see the Windows desktop anyway).
  11. The game is now installed! Click the “Finish installation” button and you are taken back to Linux/Lutris
  12. To run the game, I right-click the new Windows game in Lutris and select “Configure”, I then click the second tab and change the exe location from something like /home/downloads/chaostheory/setup.exe to something like /home/.wine/drive_c/games/chaostheory/chaostheory.exe
  13. I then click the Save button on the AddGame window to save the new program location.

Is there a better way to install Windows games (with Lutris)?

PS. I’m running Linux Mint Cinnamon. IIRC, I got Lutris by following the instructions for Ubuntu users on Download Lutris (i.e., using the PPA).
PPS. Assume that the game is not on Steam/Gog/HumbleBundle.

Regarding your PPS, are you using the lutris installers? or do you want to just add the games manually?

If this is about the manual installation you can skip steps 7 to 11, once you have set the launcher there click on the button on the side of the Play button and there should be an option to “Run EXE inside Wine prefix” there you now look for the installer and proceed with the installation…


Once that is done, you can do step 12 and 13.

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What’s PPS?

When you say “lutris installers”, you mean, for example, one of the 6 options on Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory - Lutris, right?

I’d rather not have to add the game manually, but it seems like I can’t make use of the installers.

I was referring to this PPS

And yes, I meant those installers in the page you linked.

Manually is the only way you will be able to install your games, which I can only assume you have locally.

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