Allocated space on hdd after numerous installs

I’ve installed a game 3-4 times (aoe3) on Lutris and each time it failed to launch it I removed it and tried to do a new install again. Anyways, I managed to make it work, but it allocated 40 gb (instead of 3-5 gb)which do not appear to be anywhere on /home.

Any ideas on how to remove those 40gb space which was allocated? :confused:

You can use du -hs to tell the actual size of current directory (and du -hs * to tell sizes of contents).

How exactly did you check? Did you go through your user directory (checking sizes of folders) or did you check the size of the whole /home directory itself?

I’ve checked /home itself and it uses 779.5 gb.
My partition is 917 gb and it has 61,1 gb free after the installations were over. I had 139 gb free before the installs. I was checking constantly my hdd free space shrinking and I couldn’t understand why, especially after I’ve removed them.
So, I don’t know where the files that take up this space could be located.

That… Doesn’t tell me much.
Did you compare /home with its previous size? Checking it alone won’t help you much.
You can check if it’s in the config files/folders (dotfiles) by comparing the last line of du -chs * (“total”), and du -hs (both run in your user dir).
One folder that I would try checking in particular is ~/.cache/lutris. It contains the default download location, as well as Lutris temp folders apparently.

Hm, ok.

[pc@pc-pc ~]$ du -hs
763G . (deleted some stuff before)
[pc@pc-pc ~]$ du -chs *
8,0K Desktop
60K Documents
4,0K Music
23M Pictures
4,0K Public
4,0K Templates
4,0K Videos
24M total

/.cache/lutris takes up 1.6mb

You have 24 Mb in non-hidden files? 0_o Where do you install games?

Huh. Well, I guess you should look through your hidden directories (du -hs .??* should work) and look what’s inside those taking up more space than they should (or just the large ones).

Also check your /tmp directory (or whatever it’s called in your distribution), I guess; though it should be mounted in RAM…

Ok. :smiley:

/tmp uses 41.8 mb.

[pc@pc-pc ~]$ du -hs .??*
60K .audacity-data
4,0K .bash_history
4,0K .bash_logout
4,0K .bash_profile
4,0K .bashrc
1,4G .cache
763M .config
8,0K .dir_colors
4,0K .face
0 .face.icon
80K .gnupg
4,0K .gtkrc-2.0
0 .gtkrc-2.0-kde4
32K .kde4
1,0M .kodi
759G .local
8,0K .makepkg.conf
265M .minecraft
29M .mozilla
7,2M .nv
4,0K .nvidia-settings-rc
76K .pki
4,0K .profile
4,0K .python_history
24K .steam
0 .steampath
0 .steampid
22M .thunderbird
104K .var
4,0K .wget-hsts
901M .wine
4,0K .Xauthority
4,0K .Xclients
4,0K .xinitrc

Welp. It’s obvious the only thing larger than 2Gb is .local.
…Can you guess in which folder you should search next? :smiley:

No idea. but as it says: 759G .local
My partition is 910gb. 910 - 759 equals 151. I have 79gb free, so I just want the rest 70-1gb back :frowning:
It’s not in /home, the data is stored somewhere else and I don’t know why this happened during the aoe3 installations via Lutris. I had dolphin on refreshing and was seeing this loads of space being allocated just for a 5gb game. :frowning:

…Well. Check what you have in / then. You’ll need root access to read some, but chances are, if you can’t check their size, it’s not a folder that you need (also exclude mounted filesystems from search – that would usually be /mnt or /media, as well as fake fs like /dev, /proc and /sys).

Most likely you won’t have much problem finding out which folded is over 40 Gb in size. My whole system (minus /home and mounted fs) takes up about 20 Gb. I can even (probably) guess that the offender would be somewhere in /var as it’s the only folder for which it makes any sense to get new files. That and /lost+found, I guess.

I’ve typed the command and this is what I’ve got:
[pc-pc ~]# du -hs /*
0 /bin
56M /boot
24K /desktopfs-pkgs.txt
12M /dev
15M /etc
759G /home (deleted some stuff previously again)
0 /lib
0 /lib64
16K /lost+found
4,0K /mnt
310M /opt
du: cannot access ‘/proc/21248/task/21248/fd/4’: No such file or directory
du: cannot access ‘/proc/21248/task/21248/fdinfo/4’: No such file or directory
du: cannot access ‘/proc/21248/fd/3’: No such file or directory
du: cannot access ‘/proc/21248/fdinfo/3’: No such file or directory
0 /proc
11M /root
4,0K /rootfs-pkgs.txt
du: cannot access ‘/run/user/1000/doc’: Permission denied
du: cannot access ‘/run/user/1000/gvfs’: Permission denied
1,5M /run
0 /sbin
0 /snap
12K /srv
0 /sys
43M /tmp
8,9G /usr
5,2G /var

Also did this command:
[pc-pc ~]# df -h
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
dev 3,9G 0 3,9G 0% /dev
run 3,9G 1,5M 3,9G 1% /run
/dev/sdb4 902G 774G 83G 91% /
tmpfs 3,9G 444M 3,5G 12% /dev/shm
tmpfs 3,9G 0 3,9G 0% /sys/fs/cgroup
tmpfs 3,9G 48M 3,9G 2% /tmp
/dev/sdb1 3,7G 70M 3,4G 2% /boot
/dev/sdb3 3,9G 272K 3,9G 1% /boot/efi
tmpfs 793M 20K 793M 1% /run/user/1000

I should’ve 128+ gb free, not 83. This doesn’t make sense. :confused:

Technically I said df -H (-h provides different measure units… 10³ vs 2¹⁰)
As for the sizes… If you’re talking about Used+Avail columns, the “missing” space is used by the filesystem itself (see this and this for explanation). Speaking of which, 5% from 902 is indeed 45…

The 40-5 gb, after my first post that I did again some Lutris installations became 70 gbs as you can see on later posts, which were gone only that time when I had Lutris open doing aoe3 installations (I had dolphin open and saw it happening). I’m sure it’s related to this program, a bug maybe, idk how this happened…
I wouldn’t ask for help here if it wasn’t related to Lutris. ;;;(

Either this is not an actual thing that happens (that is, Dolphin counts in metadata/cache usage as well, or something like that), or you’ll be able to tell which directory changed size after repeating the above steps (just reproduce this thing again and compare new folder sizes with old ones; if any of them changes drastically, that will be the one you need to check).