All Games start up screen then stop


so i’ve been using lunix since the start of this year, as support for win 7 was dropped. (using Lunix Mint)

i want to play star craft 2 and possible WOW classic.

i downloaded Lutris, install the games.

when i goto play them i get the log in then that goes away and the lutris app goes from stop to play again. nothing happens and i can’t figure it out.

Did you use one of these installers?

Under L I n U x things are a bit different than under Windows. Each of those games and have their own needs to run correctly.

So its important to know which installer was used to see if everything is there to run the games correclty.

Another thing, you can see more output when you start lutris from the terminal using this command:

lutris -d

And under the play button you can find a log button which shows what and the game are doing.