Aliens vs Predator 2 will it work?

I am on open-SUSE tumbleweed and have wine installed.
I also have Lutris installed, but have not used it yet.

Hardware I doubt it to be relevant but here it is: AMD ryzen 5, rx 570, 16 gig ram

Game already works 99% through wine.
Single player , multiplayer online.
I could even join online games because of a server patch. (official servers are long time gone)

The problem is save game(single player), not working.
When I hit F6, game tells me its saving the game, but when I hit F9, its says there are no save games.

Now my questions.
Will using Lutris solve this problem, and do I need to uninstall the game first?
Then re install through Lutris?

This game is not from the same company as aliens vs Predator (1) and the 2010 version.
The game engine is Lithtech, No one lives for ever and Tron use the same engine but a slightly newer version.

Fun memories, I also made maps for this game, and helped testing a team Fortress mod.
Already tried to start this mod, but could not find my own server.
On windows I know I had to open a port on the firewall.
I have no idea yet, if its the same for Linux.

Would love to see the map again, I made for teamfortress.
It has 2 enterprises from star trek, and the flags are on the bridge.