Albion Online - easy anticheat

I Installed Albion Online through Lutris. When I start the game, I see a box on the left side of login reporting that server status cannot be determined. once I login, I am kicked out immediately by easy anticheat.

I have tried a few things and I hope this can help you narrow down the issue a bit.

  1. Albion Online installed via Steam, native Linux, does not have this issue. The problem is you cannot use account created outside of steam, so a standalone version is preferred for many gamers.
  2. Albion Online installed via flatpak. I find similar issues but easy anticheat seem to kick me out a few seconds after login.
  3. Albion Online linux standalone installer. Supported on Ubuntu only, it seems. No issue with easy anticheat.

logs and debug
albiononline login screenshot

Apologies for combining all logs in a single link. New users of this forum can only add 2 links per post.