Airborne Kingdom

I just bought this game on the EGS. Can someone please make an installer? I checked and it doesn’t appear on Steam at least not yet.

Have you tried simply installing EGS and running the game from there? It might just work out-of-the-box.

Just tested the game myself. Seems to not work without DXVK on, works slow with DXVK on, even on lowest graphics settings. Tried Vsync on/off.

On a side-note, the gamedevs seem to not care much anyway, as they seemingly had the game on Steam, then became EGS-exclusive. Not to mention the entire s***show is running on Unity. But don’t let my rant distract you from trying new games.

Maybe it a question of Lutris-Wine version / or what kind of Linux you use? I am using the lutris-6.0-x86_64 and Linux Mint 20.1.
The normal Game don’t start within EGS (DXVK is on). Whats your settings?
Here ist my startscreen (writing a errorlog):