Aion online error after installation

after installing and updating Aion (dxvk version) there is some error which prevents me from playing the game.
Lutris -d:


there’s a problem with your dxvk 0.90 version, either delete it and redownload it or change it to a newer version like 0.93

that would seem like noob question but: how do i delete dxvk version?
EDIT: changing it to version 0.93 produces exactly the same error but with 0.93 instead of 0.90

Additional note: game installed and patched successfully, but i cannot launch Aion again because of above error

please check in ~/.local/share/lutris/runtime/dxvk if the dxvk libraries did download correctly
version 0.90 has only x64 directory with the same files (different filesizes though)

if you see a DXVK that seems weird, delete it and let lutris re-download it.

i deleted dxvk folder and lutris redownloaded it, but the outcome was the same

You probably have a broken symlink in your game folder. Look for dxgi.dll and delete those files.

No difference after deleting dxgi.dll. The same after copying this file (nevermind if x32 or x64) from different directories

I meant the libraries in the wine prefix, which are likely to be broken symlinks.

Check [GAME DIR]/drive_c/windows/system32/dxgi.dll and see it that’s what is causing the issue.
File has 3,5K where in different directories it has at least 1,5M …
I have tried previously to copy these bigger files to the place you mentioned but for nothing :expressionless:

Can you get other DXVK games running in a fresh prefix?

They are working fine: warframe, path of exile and frostpunk

so it seems that you just have stale symlinks in your prefix

find all files named dxgi.dll and d3d11.dll in your prefix, and try relaunching

I deleted files you recommended and couple more associated with directx (dll files).
Now log is more meaningful

You have the lutris runtime disabled.

There is progress. Game now starts launcher and patches. After successfully patching the game i clicked run the game and basically nothing happened. Launcher window closed and thats it.
Lutris -d:
Wine last game log:

Issue can be considered solved (have other problems but thats not the part of this thread)