After Lutris update Overwatch and Starcraft no longer work [Workaround]

So I updated from 0.5.1.x to
I had to download it manually because using apt-get would always claim that the above repo was failing with invalid signature.
The Blizzard launcher still works fine, but when I try to run Overwatch and Starcraft now, they never shows up but instead an error window pops up saying
“Blizzard Error
The Application encountered an unexpected error”

Edit: I added the Lutris repo key again so the gpg error is gone now it seems.

If this helps: In the Blizzard launcher there is this animated blue icon indicating that content is supposed to load, like videos/news, but it never stops. This seems odd. My internet connection is working fine though.

Edit2: I reinstalled it in Lutris, now not even the Blizzard client shows up but just a Lutris error “Your limits are not correctly set”. So I went to the link Lutris displayed and it says to enter this command
ulimit -Hn
and if it returns a value greater than 524288 then “you are all set!”. Well it returns 1048576 for me which clearly IS greater. So what now…?

Edit3: Ok, only way to make it work again was to disable “ESync”. At least it loads the news/content in the Launcher now again and the game starts too!

Ok this is NEW. “Overwatch has crashed” message. This hasn’t happen ever before the Lutris update!
This is really bad because in Overwatch you can get permanently banned for “leaving”, which includes crashes.