After a system update the "games" no longer work

After a system update (LM 20.3 → LM 21 equivalent to Ubuntu 20.04 → 22.04) the “games” no longer work
The Logs by clicking the game log button on the right sidebar is empty - it’s a black window.
Terminal output Start&Close_Lutris_debugging.txt → Ubuntu Pastebin
Reinstalling EpicGameLauncher and terminal output when starting and debugging EpicGameLauncher → Ubuntu Pastebin
Same issue with reinstalling and logging with GoG-Gamelauncher.

Here is a
Picture of Lutris.
Is the recording right after the system update. Now, of course, the two reinstalled ‘games’ are available again as images.
And here ist the file created by running lutris --submit-issue
(because i am a newcomer, i can only post 2 links)

Has now resolved itself. There just came a Lutris update from to Everything is back to normal