Adding zipped installed games to Lutris

Trying to add games that I installed from Humble Bundle that were zipped/tarballz.

The games run fine, I added to my start menu manually - How do I add them to (make them show up) Lutris?

Ubuntu Mate 16.04.2 64 Bit
GeForce GTX 960 4 GB - Driver 375.66

Are they in the Lutris Games Libary? If yes, then just link the Executive in the game’s preferences.

Can you explain where exactly is the problem, I also installed humble bundle games through Lutris without problems.

A good example is the game Forced, I have it install via unpacking the zip then making the .desktop file for the menu icon in the Mate menu but the game does not show up in Lutris program.

It’s in the game library on the site but the script has me reinstalling it. How can I manually add it Lutris without reinstalling it?

— I found a way to install them individually now. Is there a way to have lutris find them automatically?

There is a way to sacan for games and Lutris should do this automatically. If it don’t… I think then just strider can answer.
I just link them to my libary and then gave them the path manually

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