Adding an option to select lutris' language?

Recently i noticed that lutris is now using the system language, as it was in english before, it is now in french. However, i gotta say the quality of these translations isn’t great (for instance, Ubisoft Connect and Origin have been translated to “Connexion Ubisoft” and “Origine”, even tho they’re not named like that in france).
Additionally, lutris in english helps if you want to take screenshots and send them to people that do not speak your language.
I did not find such an option in lutris settings (which, by the way, is referred as “Préférences”, then as “Paramètres”… nice consistency), hence why i’m asking if it could be added.

EDIT : I forgot to say, my lutris version is 0.5.11, if that feature is already present in a future version i will wait for it to be released on my distro.