Adding a game (Rally Championship 2000)

Hi there,

I am going to the list of games and I think it is pretty amazing.
I hope it will grow more as time goes on and of course as more and more games become compatible with linux.

The first game I tried to find here was Rally Championship 2000, the reason is I used to play it trough Play On Linux. This means I already know the game can work flawlessly on linux.

One of the false positive issues that people might detect is losing command of the car for a split seccond which for a racing game can be game breaking. This issue was present on newer versions of windows, versions like XP and beyond, but earlier ones like Windows ME were perfect for this game.
I think that Play On Linux did a good choice with the multiple installments of wine, for every game, depending on the needed windows versions, a proper wine version was being used, that was tested and proven to work.

I hope you might consider this old but actually pretty great game for your list.

Thanks and sorry if I have not understood something correctly, it is my first post and the hype may have hit me before my brain could react.



The games are added by community members. Anyone that has an account and a confirmed email address can submit a new game and create installers for it. :slight_smile:

The more members that submit games, the faster the library grows and the client becomes ever more useful to a larger set of users.