Added Installer: Solder of Fortune II Double Helix GOG


Added a new installer for Solder of Fortune II Double Helix GOG.

The reason I’m posting this here:

  • There is absolutely no infrastructure for letting people know a script was submitted and approved. Many uses will have a ‘bad’ experience when the game installer isn’t available and simply abandon it. Or worse: go back to Windows. And when a script is added there is no way of informing people of the change;
  • Logging. The profile on the Lutris site doesn’t list changes or new submissions. This area remains empty. So by mentioning it here I have a place where I can lookup my administration.

Hello @tfk, before I will approve your script, could tell me why you use a 32 bits wineprefix instead of a 64 bits one?

WineDesktop: 1024x768

Why specify this arbitrary resolution? If you specify no resolution, the Wine desktop will take the user desktop resolution, isn’t it better?

1st question:
Hm. Could have slipped in there. Must test if it is really needed. :thinking:

2nd question:
The game is standard 4/3 (classic game) and only after applying a patch it gets support for wide screen resolutions. I’ve tried it without but my screen immediately went black. And that is a bad experience which will put off some gamers. So I opted for this safe guard and added extra information on the steps which are needed to be taken.