Add Battlestar Galactica Online


I don’t know if many people know or play this game but I’d love Battlestar Galactica Online to be added to Lutris!
I use this for League of Legends and World of Tanks sometimes, and I love your work, though I also like Battlestar Galactica Online a lot since it’s a childhood game of mine.
Could yall please consider adding support for it? Let me hear everyone’s thoughts on this please!

Thanks for reading and considering

Is there really no interest for an unique game like this?

I tried running BGO manually but it wouldn’t launch and there doesn’t seem to be any appdb entries to troubleshoot off of. If you can get it running I can make an installer but as of now I see no point if the game can’t launch.

Went to try playing it with wine myself, but wouldn’t run for me either. Is there really a chance this game won’t at all run on linux? That would be such a shame =/