Add an install with community quality of life improvements?


Will lutris accept an installer that also includes the game’s community’s (and my own tweaks) that makes the game run better under Wine?

Specifically, I’ve been playing GTA: San Andreas.

The base game using a fresh install has several problems:

  1. No widescreen support
  2. The game breaks unless the in-game 25fps framerate cap is turned on. This is a horrible experience.
  3. Even after removing the fps limit was running 30-80fps

I’ve collected together the following:

  1. The only widescreen fix I could find that works under WINE (and this took some digging)
  2. fps limit adjuster, although not perfect to change the limit to 60fps
  3. DX11 wrapper+ENB series. WINE handles this considerably better and the game runs at around 80-180fps without the limiter turned on but a much nicer constant 60fps with the fps limiter on. I’ve
  4. A few tweaks to the enb config to remove flickering bugs in WINE.

Would Lutris accept an installer that includes these type of fixes? It would make player’s lives easier for these older games. I’d rather not have to go off searching for a widescreen fix for every older game I install.

Don’t see why not. They’re just mods right?

Hey there,

I think its a really nice idea since atm we are better on our own cause some companies havent jump to linux yet :slight_smile:.