Add an ANDROID runner

Please add an ANDROID runner

I think that the QEMU based Android SDK emulator - or something better - can run Android games in portrait mode to enjoy them in desktop computers and TV sets.

Something as it is being done in MS WOS with qemu or virtualbox by proprietary software.

I have not the skills to implement that runner, but I think it would be easy to do with any AOSP - Android Open Software Project - ROM, Lineage based use to be good, and Gapps, and or other apk stores to be able to install games from them.

Games as Roblox, that still do not run on Lignux wine / proton, will run under Android emulation.

Of course Anbox - Android X86 LXC - is also a solution if it would work well, but it does not work in every distribution. - It is a snap, and flatpak, as for Retroarch, are far better (real tree reading mounted devices with the flatpak version and not with the snap one) - . But if it works it would be also a great option.

Thanks in advance for your work.


Do we have at least remotely good enough performance in QEMU to even run Android games in the first place? Last time I checked, ARM emulation was atrociously slow…

Thank you for mentioning anbox. I was looking for a non-abandoned. free Android emulation and Anbox looks good. Anbox says it doesn’t use qemu or any virt layer and consequently might work for games. Genimobile did not work btw.

But adding this to Lutris means some developer has to pick up the task. So go for it.

QEMU does appear to work with major performance enhancing KVM, SVM, etc which might be good enough for games. I’ve never tried a game in this way but I do know that this stuff definitely makes a huge difference and might be good enough for a game.

Maybe sometime someone will get to it if its not easily added.