Add a "need work"

I have an idea, add a “need work” category (on the website) so it is easier for the community to help with games scripts.
Still in love with the project :grinning:


Future enhancements for the installers will allow for this sort of things.

Soon it will be possible for everyone to modify any script. When a script is created or modified, it will not be published on the website and it will be saved as a draft. Once the script is ready, the author can submit the script and it will go through moderation.

The “need work” category would simply be a list of installers saved as drafts.

Sounds good, I’m still trying to help a bit, but a kind of script guide would be awesome… like:
“When I want the sript to install a libary I have to:” etc…
I tried to read something out of existing scripts, but the language and with no startpoint it’s hard by side work…

… but still in love with the project, too :stuck_out_tongue:

That were the wiki becomes useful, currently the wiki has only one page but I have plans to have a fully complete guide for writing installers.

Thanks for your replies!

Well, so I got my little Project done (I’m moving to another city) and look forward to 4.3 or 4.4 :smiley: