Hey, I have an old account with my old email address that I can’t get access to and I need to add my Steam account to this one.

If you don’t have access to your old email but you have access to the Lutris account you should try contacting the Lutris administration to transfer your account to another email. If you’re switching Lutris accounts and you can’t add Steam account because it’s linked to the old Lutris account you’ll need to contact Lutris administration to unlink it or restore access to the old account (in the latter case I’d suggest contacting them via Steam so that there’s no question if you’re the owner; the one you need to contact is likely the admin of Lutris Steam group).

…Also, try to give more information on the topic in the thread title :slight_smile:

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Sweet, thanks for your tip about the Steam group. I didn’t know I could contact them there, I’d actually prefer that.