Access multiple PulseAudio sinks / USB audio interface in VirtualDJ

Hi! I’m running VirtualDJ in Lutris (latest versions), which works mostly fine.

Unfortunately the software only recognises 1 audio device, “Pulseaudio (WASAPI)”. I’ve configured multiple PulseAudio sinks (for OBS, monitoring headphones etc.) in my system and when running VirtualDJ in Bottles (which has other issues…) it can access all the sinks. Maybe the issue is with access to the USB devices directly? VirtualDJ has several audio hardware options, in Lutris only “Computer Audio” works, “USB soundcard” does not.

I wonder if/how I can replicate Bottles’ ability to use all my audio sinks in Lutris.

A related note(?): The system option “Reset PulseAudio” is disabled/greyed-out for me, i.e. I cannot play around with that parameter. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.