A way to monitor what is happening in Lutris........especially winetricks

Please don’t say logs, because not everything is in the logs. This is a simple request that should be an easy implement. We need to be able to monitor winetricks when install things. Possibly it showing it running in a terminal. So when it fails we know what failed to install not a guess as to what will not install.

Another thing we need is when doing installs from multiple CD’s/DVD’s we need a way to be able to change out discs. I know this can be done because Crossover has done it and has allowed me to install games that I see no one else has been able to install on Lutris without it being released on Steam.

Lutris is great, to a point. Then it falls off due to these issues. I have the actual full Lockon installed and running under Crossover.

The possibility to load .msi files in a bottle and not just run .exe would make installing older games easier.

Another possible thing that could be created is a way to create an installer from an existing install that we have in Lutris. A way to backup and archive bottles would be nice too.

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