A message to experienced blitz.gg LoLers


I just made an electron programme for Warcraft III work with the latest wine-staging and running it within the wine prefix of the game in a console with WINEDEBUG=+relay and discarding the log. Maybe it’ll help the blitz.gg users with some Linux experience out there. Note that executing the script via lutris does not discard the log for whatever reason, so use it in a console. Also note that in my case only the setup exe works for whatever reason, the installed exe gives a uv_pipe_open bug.

With everything below staging the programme doesn’t launch at all, without the debug it instantly crashes. But with the debug it actually works, very strange, but that’s the way it is.


export WINEPREFIX=[your wine prefix]
export WINE=/opt/wine-staging/bin/wine

GAME_LOCATION=[your blitz.gg location]
GAME_EXECUTABLE=[your blitz.gg exe]

>> /dev/null