A crazy idea to run GOG games

I’m using Windows because it doesn’t seem like I can play the Witcher series and BDO in Linux.

The Witcher seems to have a basic setup and BDO won’t run due to anti-cheat software. I can ditch BDO if I can run the Witcher games.

So thinking about going back to Linux I think if I could install The Witcher games and use the GOG 2.0 to keep them updated.

That would be installing the 3 games from their particular installers and the install GOG 2.0 and point the installation folder so it would be updated and patches to be applied.

If anyone ahs high-speed internet and can test this hypothetical workaround.

I can’t think what could go wrong.

The Witcher games should run just fine either via Steam or GOG (just hit install on the Lutris website for any version you’d like installed, assuming you also have Lutris installed on your system). You can play Black Desert Online on Linux through GeForce Now (also can be installed through Lutris). And that’s pretty much it. I recommend checking out Manjaro KDE if you want to have an easier time. :smiley:

Yes but my issue is keeping the game updated