A clearer introduction by having one central guide

In regards to minimizing the number of issues stemming from incorrect user setups, I believe one big weak point is the lack of a clear and general guide/wiki that tells you what you need to know about Lutris itself, and the various things it depends upon (e.g. DXVK).

Currently, information is spread out in a confusing manner between a number of various locations, and the purpose of some pages seems mixed. There’s:

• Download page (download Lutris + install Wine Staging) 
• FAQ (FAQ + info on debugging games, debugging wine, general tips on how Lutris works) 
• GitHub (application specific info, general config of the things Lutris depends on, reporting issues, more stuff)
• Game pages (very vague and unclear info about specific games, comment section to report issues)
• Further, there’s both the Lutris forum, Discord server and GitHub for reporting issues/asking technical questions. 

Under ‘download’ you would expect to find information about downloading Lutris, as the name implies, but there’s a throw-in message about the need to install Wine Staging, but no indication that further configuration is necessary, nor where it might make sense to look next.

And that seems to be everything the website itself has to say about preparing your system for Lutris. However, there is, of course, some information associated with specific installs such as battlenet. The information given there is rather confusing if you don’t already have a pretty good grasp on what’s going on since there isn’t much explanation.
There’s of course also a fair amount of info about various subjects, but the information seems somewhat fragmented. Last but not least, there’s also the FAQ on the page, which is a mix of what I’d characterize as standard FAQ entries, but also things that clearly have a more technical character which I’d say don’t belong there. All of these various information sources don’t seem to form a cohesive whole.

Other than information being spread out, there are also a couple of things that I couldn’t reasonably find out, looking at either the GitHub or lutris.net: a) it’s clear that wine staging should be installed, but it’s not clear that both 64 bit and 32 bit need to be installed – as mentioned in my comment on the ‘Lutris 5.0.0 is coming’-post, this tricked both me and at least one other user few days apart. b) DXVK is a thing but it isn’t really clear if users actually need to manually install it, or if Lutris takes care of that? I’ve seen conflicting ideas about this around Reddit.

Currently, information on getting and using Lutris is spread in an unsystematic manner. This makes errors in setup more likely.
My suggestion would be one page on the website or that GitHub takes the information which is currently spread out and covers it in one place. This doesn’t mean that everything has to be moved to such a new page, just that it should cover where to look (e.g. linking to github.com/lutris/lutris/wiki/Getting-Help:-Providing-logs-&-System-Info under a section about getting help).

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As a new user I think this is pretty much a must have, I have been stumbling through getting things working and just by reading your post i realized i might be missing things.

I think a few github pages would be great as people can raise PR’s for review when the info needs an update.
I would also suggest breaking it down a little so slightly smaller chunks.

  1. Basic standard global install, gets basic stuff installed and setup account linked then links off to more specific guides below.

  2. Steam/Winesteam Setup Guide, standard info on getting steam and winesteam setup and working also notes about esync.

  3. Battle.net Setup Guide, Standard info about getting battle net working and other notes related to battle net.

etc just do the major platforms, then each game should have setup notes if extra setup is required.
This would also be great because as we fine tune the guide it will make automating the process easier in the future.

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