A bit pissed off...is the Lutris (web) editor reliable?

I wrote an installer for Fallout 3 (DVD not Steam), and I ended up nuking all my work when I thought I was only removing a single draft. Meanwhile, I can’t remove a whole branch that was a dead end. Removing any part of it is not even an option.

Plus, the path changes that I made (before nuking the thread) seem to be ignored. After I noticed that “Program Files (x86)” (that worked manually) was turned into just “Program Files”, I made editing changes and … the path kept changing back to “Program Files (x86)”.

If I’m doing it wrong, or if I have to be extra cautious, please clue me in. I don’t want to waste time on a misunderstanding.

I just got my feet wet on the Everquest installer, and I must say, although the web editor works, its janky. For me the obvious thing I missed was the test script button. But you will have to go into your draft, edit it as you deem fit, save, re-enter, test. What appears on the app page will be wrong. I learnt that when I looked at the script, and it had an xp bottle, rather than the win7 one that I could clearly see was still what I had in the last draft. Not exactly sure, but I think the “unsupported installer” install button is going to be your first draft. And yeah, nuke a draft, all go bye-bye. Just keep editing. When you get to a finished installer, hit submit then to have one of the Lutris priests bless it.

Its at least not just you, I had a “fun” time as well. Also in my case EQ has some jankiness that can be overcome, if you know the secret. The secret took me a bit to figure out – you must use x64 wine with a x32 prefix. The fun of software right?

Thanks. Hearing it’s not just me is a little less frustrating.

Would you recommend this workflow?

  1. Make a script.

  2. Test … and note failures.

  3. Copy the script from the browser to a local editor and attempt to fix it.

  4. Nuke the script.

  5. Make a new script.

  6. Paste in the edited script to the web page.

  7. Go to step 2, and stop when it works.

I rewrote the installer from scratch. The new script now fails where it didn’t before and I can’t figure out why (yet). I’m stuck at this point…

What are you trying to do that it is failing at?

not quite. Just keep editing in the web editor. save changes, reenter the editor and use the test button. Rinse wash repeat until things work. Then when its all good, submit to mods for approval.