2 quick queries about importing games & runners

I know we can drag a ROM into Lutris and it will hashcheck it with Lutris online DB. Then it says no runner found, do you want to download the runner. But I already installed that platform (ie. SNES or GENESIS) runner in the Lutris settings. If I decline the prompt, nothing happens. If I accept then it usually downloads Libretto/RetroArch because of the multi-cores for SNES/GENESIS, etc.

  • How can we force it or make Lutris to use another (Lutris supported) emulator other than it’s insisted RetroArch runner?

  • Sometimes a foreign (ie. JP) ROM game isn’t recognised but it is an official released game. Lutris just refuses to import. Is there a way to force import and set up an emulator/runner for it? Or do we have to fill in some form to get it into Lutris online DB?

    • (this is dependent on the above). Some runners have a PLAY button and we can execute the emulator via Lutris. Some other runners don’t have a PLAY button. Is it possible to execute the emulator (via Lutris)… so I can manually load the ROM that Lutris refused to import)?