2 Install scripts added

I added 2 installers to moderation

the wine + GOG version, I changed the script to not install mono and gecko, because mono conflicts with dotnet them the game closes just before launch.

The GOG + MPLAT version, here I use a external script to install the Media Foundation Platform library, without it the game don’t show the background.

I’m posting here, because, I submited a working install script, before, but I think that the approved script is a wrong version, that I sent before without the necessary modifications.

In case of the moderation have any question, just ask here.

Hello @welblade, nice work.
I approved the first script but on the second one, could you simplify this line:

- execute:
    command: pushd $CACHE; E="$HOME/.local/share/lutris/runners/wine/lutris-5.4-x86_64/bin"
      WINEPREFIX="$GAMEDIR" ./mf-install.sh; popd

It is useless to specify the wine executable in a command line as in one year this version could not be available or working anymore.

And could you please tell me what is pushd and popd?

pushd and popd are bash tools for operating directory stack. What he does here is equivalent to cd "$CACHE"; …; cd - (change dir to $CACHE, run the script, then return)

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The script that as approved, fightn rage, also is missing the lines necessary to prevent to install “mono”, if mono is installed the game don’t work

- task:
    description: Creating WINE prefix.
    name: create_prefix
    prefix: $GAMEDIR
    install_gecko: false
    install_mono: false

these 2 last lines are important and are missing

in the second script this line is also important, because the mf-install script need the same wine executable to install mfplat in the prefix, I try to figure out how to get the wine version from the lutris enviroment but I cant find how. This is the best solution that I find. If anyone know how to get the wine executable being used, would be nice to improve the script.
mfplat is also important without this, the game not show the background, the game only show some text in a black screen.

I just modified fightn rage, done!

Look at Darksiders Warmastered Edition Lutris script installer on how integrate cleanly MFPAT:

ok, I will check it out, thanks

I checked this dark side script, the guy is using the same script that I’m using as base, but his version need to make a huge download, from

almost 1Gb of files and most of the games only need 9 of these files to work, maybe he is using a older version of the original script.

I’m making some modifications in the script to get the wine version from lutris environment by it self, this will make the script simpler

I submitted a new version of the vampires the masquerade script, it its more clean now.

If is needed to check the source code from the mf installer script, it is in my git

It is a simple script to copy and register the dlls in to prefix, and now will use the newest wine version in lutris runners directory.

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script approved.

Can you delete the "Wine GOG version last published 2 days, 14 hours ago , last edit made 3 hours ago "?

I made it too, I don’t know why but i cant delete it anymore.