0.5.17 GOG account not linking sorted!

Hello there, seems like the latest release of Lutris has somehow broken the GOG account sync for me. I can log in but none of my games show up in the catalog, it looks as though they are loading but after a while the loading circle goes away and there are no games to browse through. I can log in and out, just no games show up. Same for the DEB package and Flatpak. I am on Mint 21.3 with the latest updates and 6.5 kernel.

EDIT: I sorted it out by unchecking "installed games only’ in the menu. As it would seem I am not the only one who got baffled by such a triviality may I suggest having the box unchecked as a default setting for a new install?

Oh wow, if I had read this earlier I wouldn’t have had to completely reset my Lutris configuration and all games. I seriously thought the Lutris update wasn’t compatible with the previous version and I had to start from fresh. Obviously all the games were still not showing up so I had to google if anyone had the same problem and here we are xD