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Why script doesn't ask for setup exe file


I have two GOG games, bioshock infinite and frostpunk. When I launch the bioshock install from the lutris site, lutris then ask me for the path of the bioshock setup.exe. But when I launch the frostpunk install from lutris site, it show me a GOG login screen. However if I look at the script source code, script are almost identical, both start with:


  • setup: N/A:Select the game’s setup file

I’m puzzled at how the behavior can be different, please help me :slight_smile:

Thank you

I’m having a similar issue. Installers aren’t asking for the executable file, for games. They just lock up. And a manual installation doesn’t allow the game to run. So far this has happened on Sim Copter, Evil Genius, and Shattered Steel for me.

Since this is happening on multiple installers, I was beginning to think the program got corrupted. Does anyone know of a way to repair your lutris install? Or do you need to remove then re-install the program?

If you compare the full install scripts (click the ‘download’ link to access), you’ll find fields gogid and gogslug. In the Bioshock script they’re falsey (null and "" respectively, both are considered by JavaScript and Python as no-value in yes/no context), in Frostpunk script they have proper values. This is the reason why they have different behaviour; if you download the Frostpunk script and replace gogid/gogslug by hand, then run it with lutris -i, it’ll behave like the Bioshock one.

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This was the explanation! I’ve modified the script and it’s currently installing.

Thank you very much, and thanks for lutris because this allow me to play so many of my games that was not working on simple wine before :slight_smile: