Why it's not possible to remove games completely anymore?

Maybe I’m not supposed to ask this type of questions here, but I’m completely new to this forum thing. Hopefully, I’m not doing something wrong. I just wonder why it’s not possible to remove the game from Lutris anymore (with the last update, I guess)? I noticed that now you can only hide it.


If you select a game then click on the arrow next to the play button there should be a popup menu with a ‘Remove’ option, yes? I think that should do it.

Yes, but it still remains in the library, except if I hide it. It’s not a big deal, but I don’t get it why there’s not option to remove it completely, like it was before. Last update changed it, if I’m not mistaken.


Well I suppose effectively it’s the same thing as far as what you can see in Lutris. You can still uninstall the game and hide it from your library but just by using buttons with different labels than before. But I suppose what you want to do is completely remove the game from your library as if to say you don’t even own it anymore. The only way I can think of to do that is to login to the Lutris website, go to the game page and press the button that says ‘In my library’ to remove it.

In 5.8, the tick options to remove all files and remove from library have gone.

Recently did another playthrough of Phoenix Point, and I now have two ghost icons where I’ve uninstalled it. Looking at pga.db with sqlite3, can see two entries.
I shut Lutris, opened the pga.db with sqlite3, and ran
DELETE from games where name like ‘Phoenix Point’;
Which removed them.
(Note: Not 100% they are not elsewhere, but .dumped all the tables and I couldn’t find anything)

Also, I have only 3 things registered to my online Lutris account, and I have installed a bunch of stuff since, none of which show up online. Maybe the sync to the account DB wasn’t working for a while?

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Same problem, it’s really boring.

The only way I can think of to do that is to login to the Lutris website, go to the game page and press the button that says ‘In my library’ to remove it.

It remains impossible to delete if we manually create a prefix that does not have a page on lutris.net

And this is really weird, there is no .yml in ~/.config/lutris/games related to the removed prefix.

5.8 … removing the game, whether manual prefix added, or downloaded from Lutris.net, deletes the yml, but leaves the ghost entry in the library. As I said, the ghost entry can be removed by deleting it from pga.db.

However, for stuff we built ourselves in a prefix, then added to Lutris, if we delete it, Lutris wipes the directory (the only option) but has no idea how to reinstall, so it’s gone for good cough backups.

To replicate the old behaviour, you’d need to delete your custom .yml, and then manually wipe it from the DB.

Thanks for all responses. I’m not an advanced user, so I’ll just leave it be, but I think it would be good to give people the option. So far the only flaw I’ve experienced with Lutris. Awesome program, no question. Thank’s guys once again.

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Thanks for the tip! I had several failed install/run attempts haunting in my library, and the only way to remove them was to hack the pga.db database, as you said.
Easy enough to do, but it really sucks that I need to do it that way. Hopefully they fix it in future versions.

Having the same issue. It’s a big hassle for people writing installers, I’m literally plagued with like 60 ghost games.

to @dginovker and other who might stumble on this thread and are using the command lutris -l for scripts.

Install sqlite, then run the folllowing command to open the pga sqlite database:
sqlite3 ~/.local/share/lutris/pga.db

Let’s have a look at which tables are arround:

categories games_categories sources
games service_games

We are interested in the games table, so let’s view all entries for that one:

SELECT * FROM games;

You should know see a list of all your games in the database. Identify which one you want to delete.
As an example let’s say that I want to delete the following:

1|World of Warcraft|world-of-warcraft|world-of-warcraft-battlenet||Windows|wine||/home/knj/Games/world-of-warcraft||1618252444|1|1613147394|2004|world-of-warcraft-battlenet-1613147394|||396.712222222222|0||

Note the first number 1, this is the primary key of the table and can be identified by running .schema games;

In order to delete the game with id 1 we simply do:

Deleting all hidden games

If you want to delete all the hidden games you have never played you can view them like:
SELECT * FROM games WHERE hidden=1 and delete them by DELETE FROM games WHERE hidden=1;

We can now quit sqlite by running .quit


Because this post is the first to spawn on Google I will just give another GUI way to do exactly the same thing as Overseer12 said:

Install DB Browser for sqlite or apt install sqlitebrowser on buntu like.

Open app and open ~/.local/share/lutris/pga.db

Then in browse data - games right click on number of the line you want to delete and click delete record.

Don’t forget to hit Write changes, next time you want to do the same just click File and db is still here


You’re a saint. Thank you for this in 2023. It is silly that you cannot remove dead attempts to run a game or games I no longer need.