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Warcraft 3 Reforged is a bit dark

Hi Guys. First thing I wanted to say: really good that we can play the good games on linux now as well :smile: . But I have a little issue in Reforged. I can start it and it works quite ok. Its a bit laggy but thats ok. My bigger proplem is the contrast. It seems to be very dark and the lightness of my laptop is on full. Is there anything I can change? In the settings of the game itself there is nothing. Is there a code that changes that maybe? (If there is, how do I implement that code than?)

Ah. And maybe thats another thing. Itโ€™s about the dxvk/dx9k. I cannot enable them in the options. I click save go out and when I go again in options itโ€™s not saved. Maybe thats why itโ€™s so dark?

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I have the same Issue and I still cant fix it :confused:

If you have nvidia card you could try tweaking contrast in nvidia control panel.Or you can experiment with xgamma -gamma 0.8 or xgamma -gamma 1.5 .