[Solved] Error in Battle.net

I am having an issue, where I can not play Battlenet games. Battlenet displays the error message BLZBNTBNA00000005. On Battlenet it says that Blizzard could not communicate with the Blizzard-Updater:

Also if I try to install a game on another winepath, where no game is installed it hangs indefinitely and I can never click on start installation, it always keeps “loading”.

So I’m having an issue with the program, that installs and updates Battlenet games (on the support page https://eu.battle.net/support/de/article/16531). I suspect the program that has the problems is Agent.exe, because the error message says Blizzard Agent is inactive.

I also have all the dependencies installed and Battlenet and the games worked before. My OS is Archlinux (kernel 4.14.56-1-lts) with KDE-Plasma Desktop. My gpu is NVIDIA Corporation GT216M [GeForce GT 330M] (rev a2) with drivers:
lib32-nvidia-340xx-utils 340.107-3
nvidia-340xx-lts 340.107-3
nvidia-340xx-utils 340.107-3

I had this problem too, I tried reinstall and various others things, nothing seemed to work. The last time opened it I left it alone, when I can back 15 mins later it had sorted itself out. Not sure if that was all it needed was time.
Now it starts normally.

Asked and answered in forum already:

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Thank you very much @Dox! Deleting C:/ProgramData/Battle.net solved my problem.