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League of Legends Guide


At the moment of this post League of Legends is broken on Wine!
But it will probably get fixed in the next Wine Staging version (4.9) :pray:

Here’s some tips to improve your experience on League:

1 > high polling rate mouse’s makes the FPS drop a lot when you move the cursor in-game, try using 125hz (even at 125hz it drops some frames, but is not that bad ), is a wine bug that affects other games too.

2 > the d9vk script should make the game perform better, if is not performing well try disabling that, on lutris click in “configure” and disable DXVK.

3 > try playing with med/low settings, disable shadows and all the fancy stuff.

4 > use Esync, enable that in the game settings on Lutris.

good luck.