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How to fix "runner" not available on the X86_64 architecture


Hello everyone!

A few days ago my PC randomly died – because I broke something software related and it was just too much of a hassle to fix it I ended up freshly installing my main OS completely (Linux Mint 19 Tara).

Here is the output of uname -a:
Linux xx-0x-linuxmint 4.18.7-041807-generic #201809090930 SMP Sun Sep 9 09:33:16 UTC 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

No runners in Lutris work giving the following output when I try to configure/install them:
"*" not available on the X86_64 architecture

Lutris used to work fine and even survived the update from Linux Mint 18.3 through the process in the Update Manager and now it just won’t work.

Should I report this as a bug or is this something fixable and just a quirky issue on my side of things?




Error persists with kernel update 4.18.8. Does anyone have any idea what to do? Also login in the client does not appear to work.
Anyone anything to add?


Anyone any tips?


Did you try reinstalling Lutris? Do you have backups? Does it work on such backups?

Do you have python updated? Are you particulary trying to run Wine? If so, do you have winehq-staging with recommended packages installed?

The kernel itself should influence this, only your packages and the configuration of your APTitude package manager.

The only thing I can look “strangely” right now is how X86_64 has that capital X in front, instead of the regular x86_64 form. But you could have written that yourself.

Please give particular runners and attempt processes to see if people can help you out. Also, starting lutris in a terminal with

lutris -d

may help you with debug messages.