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Honkai Impact 3rd - game doesn't launch properly


Honkai Impact 3rd was my first attempt at adding a game to the Lutris library. Unfortunately I wasn’t really successful. The installer works, the game-launcher works as-well and can also download and install the game files. However, when starting the game there’s an odd behavior:

  1. Game process “BH3.exe” starts
  2. Process eats more and more memory until 100% is used
  3. Process crashes/hangs (defunct in ps)

Here’s the debug log when running the game:
The error “003c:err:seh:sigsys_handler Syscall 3611595886 is undefined.” on line 119 happens when starting the game form the launcher. All lines after that only happen when closing the launcher again.

Several people have already reported the same issue on the game’s page, so it doesn’t only affect me.

Any help would be highly appreciated! (and sorry in advance in case it’s a stupid/obvious error)

Can you run it outside of Lutris (with the same WINEPREFIX and wine binary)? Does it behave the same or any different?